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Goddess Rosaries

I've been making rosaries since the early 1990s. It's part of my priestess path and an expression of my devotional service.  My Goddess-focused rosary necklaces can be used as prayer beads, worn as magical and spiritual enhancement, or just enjoyed as works of art and altar decor. Amulet images range from Goddess portraits to classical Mary imagery to mythology, the world of faery, mermaids, and some that are just for fun. (The Goddess is big on fun!)

My rosaries have an amulet made from a vintage or antique optician's lens enclosing an image under the old glass. In most cases, there is antique text on the reverse, snipped from my collection of tattered 19th-century books. (I promise, no rare or intact books are harmed.)


The usual bead pattern is five sections of nine beads each, nine being a magical number sacred to the Goddess. The four separator beads can represent the four directions, four elements (earth, air, fire, water), or any other numerical association you wish. The five sets come together with one larger bead (or other connector), then there is a drop-down of three beads to the amulet. Other numerical combinations are available as well, including traditional Catholic decades or Brigidine rosaries with three sets of nineteen beads.


I am always happy to make custom rosaries, either making an amulet for you or using something you already own and love. Contact me with your vision!

The photos below are examples of rosaries that are sold. I've made hundreds and hundreds of rosaries, so this just gives you a sense of what is possible. The best way to order a rosary is to email me at I also post rosaries for sale on my Facebook page, where you can also see many other examples. Most rosaries are $93 plus shipping.

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