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Tending Brigid's Flame

Awaken to the Celtic Goddess
of Hearth, Temple, and Forge


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A match flares to life, and a woman’s voice speaks:

​In Brigid’s name, I light my flame…

Alone at her kitchen table, she tenderly applies match to candle, and the twilight-darkening room is illuminated in a golden glow.

Brigid is my protector, Brigid is my maker of song…

Lifting a cup in a ritual gesture, she sips pure sweet milk in grateful communion.

Brigid is my sword and my shield, Brigid is my guide…

Who is this Brigid so lovingly invoked? To her devotees worldwide, she is goddess, saint, muse, and spirit companion. . . . She brings with her the traditions of the past, evolving naturally into the living faith of the present and beyond. . . . Her influence is invoked to bless all aspects of life, from midwifery to metalcraft.

I am a priestess and flamekeeper vowed to Brigid. The purpose of this book is to present her as a fiery force in the world today, specifically as an inspiration in the lives of women. . . .  I offer ways to weave a daily relationship with Brigid, to bring her into your home, your work, your creativity, and your soul. Some of these are traditional and some are intuitive, drawn from my own experience of knowing Brigid and listening for her guidance. What we know about Brigid isn’t written in stone—or rather, it isn’t written just in stone. It is written in stone, water, and wind. It is written in flame.

(From the Prologue)

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