Victorian Fairy Tarot


There are many doors to Fairy. For the Victorians, one of these doors opened into a fairy realm that looked very much like their own world. It is this world that the Victorian Fairy Tarot invites you to explore. As seen through a Victorian magnifying glass, the fairy pastimes and pursuits reveal a rich society in miniature, half-glimpsed among the flowers at the bottom of the garden. We observe the fairies going about their business from season to season, their moods—distilled and concentrated in their small beings—varying with those seasons. In spring, the fairies are restless, active, filled with creative energy. In summer, they are more languid, sensual, delighting in the joys of the heart and body. In autumn, they are restless once more, but this time with an eye toward the coming cold, a gathering-in energy that manifests in work and harvest. In winter, they are irritable and quarrelsome if kept indoors, and fearful of threats when abroad in the bleak and bitterly cold landscape.

Only one card in the Victorian Fairy Tarot shows a mortal man: the Fool. In the rest of the cards, you are looking into the fairies’ world at their level and joining in as one of their society. Imagine this, if you dare: A soft English twilight descends, and you step outside to savor the sweet evening. Walking across the grass toward the dusky trees, you catch a faint phrase of fleeting melody, as if a tiny harp has been struck nearby. As you enter the wood, the sound comes again, and a haunting strain from echoing pipes, eerie music the like of which you have never heard. It draws you further in, following a path lined with bluebells, luminous in the dusk. Suddenly you find yourself in an azure pool of these enchanted flowers, and you feel small tugs at your clothing and your hair. You have found the Fairy Wood … and the fairies have found you.

— From the Introduction

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