Full Moon Dreams

fmdheader1Pictured above: The Hermit, Queen of Water, 10 of Earth, 4 of Air, Strength

Around 1995, at the suggestion of a counselor friend of mine, I started making collages. I hadn’t made any art since I was a child, but I soon found that collage is the non-artist’s artform. It’s easy to create something satisfying right from the very first try, and there are so many ways to explore your own aesthetic styles through this medium. I was hooked. The first thing I made were icons of goddesses and temples. A tarot deck was the obvious next step!

There is no particular theme for this deck, other than my intuitive feelings about the cards. Famous people appear on some of the cards, and sometimes they are themselves (like the Dalai Lama), and sometimes they represent a fictional character (like Vanessa Redgrave as Guinevere/Queen of Fire), and sometimes I just liked the picture and it doesn’t have much or anything to do with the actual person (such as the High Priestess). I never intended to show the cards to the public, so the images chosen were just my own language of metaphor. I called it Full Moon Dreams because I am a full moon baby and these images are from my dream mind.

I was very shy about these early forays into artmaking, only showing them to a very few close friends. Because I never considered selling them and was only making a deck for my own pleasure, I didn’t consider minor matters like copyright, and blithely “borrowed” from every source I could find—all paper, of course, in that pre-Internet era. Magazines, advertising journals, old art books, calendars, you name it, nothing was safe from my tiny scissors and glue sticks. As each 8×10 collage was finished, I rushed over to the copy shop to have it sized down and laminated. The whole deck took about a year to complete.

A few years later, I shared the deck online, and in 1998 did a very small handmade edition (about 30 copies, if memory serves), and then in 2005 an edition of 250 printed copies. There may be another edition someday, but I don’t have any foreseeable plans to do so, so please enjoy it online!

There are three ways to explore the Full Moon Dreams Tarot:

You can choose cards from the online oracle:

oracle3You can take the complete tour, starting with the Fool:

tour3Or you can look through the cards one by one, using the menu on the right.