Goddess Rosary Necklaces

rosaryheader2I’ve been making Goddess rosary necklaces for more than twenty years. It’s always a delight to work with the sparkling beads, choosing colors that evoke the energies and moods represented by the amulet images. The amulets themselves are vintage optical lenses, most with snippets of antique text on the reverse. (I find tattered and unreadable 19th century books and let their words find new life in this way.) Amulet images range from Goddess portraits to classical Mary imagery to mythology, the world of faery, mermaids … and some that are just for fun. (The Goddess is big on fun!)

My Goddess rosary necklaces can be used as prayer beads or be worn as magical and spiritual enhancement. Keep one on your altar to hold your intentions, or at your bedside to bring magical dreams.

The rosaries are made with five sections of nine beads each, nine being a magical number sacred to the Goddess. The four separators between these sections can represent the four directions, four elements (earth, air, fire, water), or any other numerical association you wish. The five sections come together with one larger bead (or other separator), then there is a drop-down of three beads to the amulet.

I am always happy to make custom rosaries. For example, one woman asked me to make a rosary using old crystal beads that had belonged to her grandmother. I’ve made special rosaries for healing, for memorials, for maidens making a rite of passage into womanhood, for birthing mothers, and for croning ceremonies. Other custom rosary necklaces have been made to honor and invoke specific goddesses, guardians, angels, saints, literary figures, nature spirits, and so on. Send me your vision!

I’ve made and sold 600 or more rosaries over the years, but I only recently started selling them on Etsy, rather than on my own website. The rosaries listed in the sidebar archive are a sampling of what’s been sold, to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to at my busy beading table!

All rosary photos by K. Renno Photography