Tending Brigid’s Flame


A match flares to life, and a woman’s voice speaks:

In Brigid’s name, I light my flame…

Alone at her kitchen table, she tenderly applies match to candle, and the twilight-darkening room is illuminated in a golden glow.

Brigid is my protector, Brigid is my maker of song…

Lifting a cup in a ritual gesture, she sips pure sweet milk in grateful communion.

Brigid is my sword and my shield, Brigid is my guide…

Who is this Brigid so lovingly invoked? To her devotees worldwide, she is goddess, saint, muse, and spirit companion. Brigid crosses the borders of theology, appealing to those who worship in both grove and church, circle and convent. She brings with her the traditions of the past, evolving naturally into the living faith of the present and beyond. …

(From the Prologue)

Tending Brigid’s Flame presents the beloved Celtic goddess through three aspects of her sacred flame:

Hearth: The Welcoming Flame opens the door to receive Brigid into your home, to protect and make sacred all the activities of everyday life. Food magic, hospitality, and house-blessing are some of the ways Brigid keeps your home fires burning.

Temple: The Devotional Flame explores Brigid’s allies, seasons, symbols, and sacred places. You’ll meet Brigid’s sister goddesses, both Celtic and worldwide, and learn about the timeless custom of flamekeeping and other ways you can offer your devotion to Brigid within the temple of your heart.

Forge: The Transforming Flame shares ways in which Brigid transforms and inspires through craft and creativity, healing of body and spirit, the power of words, and tempering your skills into personal excellence.

Tending Brigid’s Flame celebrates your own personal connection with Brigid and her place in your world.

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